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Hello! Welcome to our blog! :D theawesomesisters.com is a Lifestyle, Fashion & Travel Blog by Australian – Indian sister duo. 2 crazy blogger sisters from India and Australia talk about the things they love – fashion, makeup, food + travel.
The Awesome Sisters Blog
2 Sisters. 1 Blog. 2 Countries.
Bridging the India-Aus gap. Desi Blog with a twist :P
Founder: PA {Priti Ahuja} ~ Sydney, Australia
Editor-in-Chief: BA {Bhawna Ahuja} ~ Mumbai (Bombay), India
Who are we?

Two Sisters, who could kill each other as kids, later went on to become extremely fond of each other as time flew by. We still fight though, although we look forward to it. Besides doing mimicry together just for the fun of it.

But why the hell do we share a blog?

Aha! One of us got hooked-booked-and-cooked and moved to another country. And we thought it will be a fun way of sharing our lives together – of the things we shared, and the life we create now as time passes by, and stay involved in each others life even though we live miles apart. For everything else – there’s Skype!


PA is the elder one and lives in Sydney – Australia with her Hubster, who calls her ‘professional instructor’ coz she keeps instructing him around! :P If she isn’t indulging in the instructing business, you may find her blogging, blog hopping, or ‘trying’ to cook. Prior to being married, she was at a managerial level in the financial sector. She is also a columnist and feature article writer for NRI (Non Resident Indian) and Expat Magazines. She is married to a wonderful Fiji Indian, whom she calls Hubster on the blog – a term she coined for him when they got married coz he loves lobsters :P

BA is the younger one and lives in Mumbai (Bombay) – India. She loves dancing, painting and laughing! She has a background in Psychology and Human Resource Management. She is professionally trained in various forms of dance – Salsa, Bachata, Jive, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Kathak and Bharatnatyam. Kathak and Bharatnatyam are Indian forms of dancing. She has done TV commercial/ advertisements and has also been a finalist in the Queen of India Beauty Contest. She is a freelance Wardrobe Consultant/ Fashion Stylist and has styled photoshoots. She tells you – “What Not To Wear”

2 Sisters – sometimes sane, sometimes insane

We both love: Laughing till our stomach aches, getting drenched in Mumbai rain, finding ways to laugh even in the most scary situations, besides fashion, food, travel, design and everything that spells A.R.T.


Bringing you your daily dose of sunshine and inspiration
From style tips, ideas and latest trends in fashion
To encompassing some of the best fashion and top lifestyle luxury brands
As we globe hop and absorb the cultural nuances and the effects thereof
On all things fashion
Savouring world cuisine on the way!
Travel makes a man wiser, and a woman wiser, fashionable and well-fed (Ha!)
We believe that fashion is just not limited to what you wear. It extends to your home as well. It is that factor that make a house, a home. We love the way fashion can be integrated with interior design and home decor.
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