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Meet the Founders
PA – Sydney, Australia
BA – Mumbai, India
Two Sisters, who could kill each other as kids, later went on to become extremely fond of each other as time flew by. We still fight though, although we look forward to it. Besides doing mimicry together just for the fun of it. 2 Sisters – sometimes sane, sometimes insane. We both love: Laughing till our stomach aches, getting drenched in the rain and finding ways to laugh even in the most scary situations!


PA lives in Sydney – Australia with her Hubster, who calls her ‘professional instructor’ coz she keeps instructing him around! She is married to a wonderful Fiji Indian, whom she calls Hubster on the blog – a term she coined for him when they got married coz he loves lobsters! If she isn’t indulging in the instructing business, you may find her eating, traveling, blog hopping, playing with technology/ gadgets or ‘trying’ to cook. She has a background in managing service delivery with multinationals. She is also a columnist and feature article writer for Expat Magazines.