This Week in the Life of PA

Hello Awesome people! How are you? It has been a lovely week for PA. Hope you had a wonderful week too! Let’s see what happened this week in the life of PA.

Some highlights:

This is one of my favourite outfits from this week. This is actually a bright pink blazer. The accessories are from Fiji – from a handicraft store run by native Fijians.

This week I did two trips to one of my favourite Sydney restaurants – Mamak, Haymarket. It is the best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney. I tried Roti Bom for the first time ever. Can’t believe I have never tried this before. It is sooo sooo yummy. It is a must have dessert at Mamak and it comes with Vanilla ice cream.

Some other things weI had on these two trips to Mamak this week {and must try at Mamak for everyone} – Roti Canai, Lamb Curry, Fish Curry, Fried Chicken, Teh Tarik, Ginger Teh Tarik, Ice Kacang, Mee Goreng, Chicken Satay and of course, Roti Bom!

Poached Chicken Sandwich and Corn Fritters at Double Roasters, Marrickville. Their poached chicken sandwich is so amazing!

I also did a few visits to El Jannah again this week. Almost close to their closing time on all occasions. We usually get their Charcoal Chicken but this time decided to try their EJ Platter. We opted for Chicken, Lamb and Spicy Lamb. It was good!

I keep trying Pani Puri at various Indian eateries across Sydney, in search of the perfect one. I guess I am too hard to please, when it comes to food. Some day when I find the perfect or close to perfect one, I will let you know. This time I tried Pani Puri at a new place in Harris Park. Nothing to write home about.

I also had Yummy Pav Bhaji {Indian street food delicacy}. This was at one of my regular go to places for Pani Puri in Harris Park.

I am so grateful to have this lovely park just across the road from where I live. Nothing calms me more than a stroll in nature. It clears my head and soothes my soul. Much needed serenity!

So soothing and relaxing, isn’t it!

Have a lovely week ahead, awesome people! xx

Sony QX Review

Recently I was presented with the Sony QX at a lovely intimate dinner organised by Sony Australia for some of the best Sydney lifestyle and food bloggers at So Cal, Neutral Bay. We indulged in some good food, wine and tech talk; whilst playing with our very own Sony QX100.

Being a gadget girl, I love evolving technologies. I love my girly stuff; and I love my gadgets; I love them right and I love them light! Being someone who travels a lot nationally and internationally and loves to capture moments of cultures and cuisines, I often find myself carrying my Nikon in addition to my iPhone.


So Cal turned out to be the perfect place to play with our Sony QX. We had a delicious South California inspired dinner in the cosy courtyard which had a vibrant and lovely décor. There was even a live demonstration by one of their chefs.



Sony QX looks like a lens that you would attach to your camera, but it is in fact a camera on its own. From the moment I un-boxed my very own Sony QX, I was intrigued by the things this small little thing could do. I was amazed by the fact that it could be operated through my smartphone and it captures really gorgeous high quality images.

To get it going, you need to download the free PlayMemories app on your smartphone to use it. Turn on the lens of your Sony QX100, open the app on your smartphone which will connect the lens via WiFi. My iPhone turned into a 20 megapixel camera with a 10x physical zoom, wow! It has a higher quality than most compact cameras and does a great job in low light along with image stabilization function. Photos get saved on the phone in a smaller file size. Being an avid instagrammer, I can’t resist the urge to post photos on the go. And it is all the more amazing, if it has such fantastic image quality such as the Sony QX100!

You can either clip it to your phone or hold the lens in your hand or even attach the lens to a tripod. The connectivity range between the phone and the lens is 10 metres. It is great for shooting selfies, group photos or concerts. Mount it on a tripod and use the phone as a remote. You can capture scenes from varying angles whilst using your phone as a viewfinder. The results are vibrant and sharp photos even with fully zoomed shots.

Right now, I am having fun shooting videos with it. I can place it remotely and take videos. Fun stuff!

I love a gadget – especially when it is compact and does an awesome job.

It is a great tool for the photography or gadget obsessed. If you love gadgets like me, this a fantastic new toy to play with and have fun.

Which is your favourite gadget?

This Week on Instagram in the Life of PA

This Week on Instagram: Take a peek in to my instagram photos and see what a week in the life of this Instagram addict looks like!

Mother’s Day made me miss my mommy so much. My mum stays in India and me in Australia and the only way I can see her everyday is on Skype. The above photo was taken when I was so-so-so tiny! My favourite photo of me and my mommy.

El Jannah, Granville: This Lebanese eatery does the best charcoal chicken in Sydney and the better than the best garlic sauce. You can find me there a couple of times a week.

Paneer Bhurji: I call this comfort food! For those of you who don’t know, it is a simple dish of spiced scrambled ricotta cheese. Takes just a few minutes to make – simple, easy and soul food for me.

Nothing beats a good Turkish Tea! This one is from The Gozleme Co in Stockland Merrylands {Sydney}

Such a gorgeously tasty Peri Peri Chicken Gozleme, again from The Gozleme Co {Stockland Merrylands}. These people really do good stuff. The staff is smiley and friendly as well!

San Churro, Parramatta: I am a regular here and I have eaten Churros at a lot of places; but these people do some really good Churros. I usually get the Churros with Hazelnut dip or White Chocolate. Both good. I tried their Sticky Date Pudding with Vanilla ice-cream for the first time, and I am a fan!

Oops! This happened this week! It’s called the oops moment. That moment in life when you do a late night maccas run. I think I had McDonald’s after almost 6+ months.

This was at a lovely intimate dinner organised by Sony Australia at So Cal, Neutral Bay. Awesome food + wine + Sony QX100 = Life is good {and photos, great!}

Have a lovely week ahead, beautiful people! xoxo


Photo credits: PA {The Awesome Sisters} | Camera: iPhone 5S Gold (except the first b&w)

This Week in the Life of PA

Take a peek in to my Instagram photos and see what a week in the life of PA looks like!

This week:

It’s all about food, food and food {including some sinful desserts!}. Baby, I know!

I did a lot more than eating food, this week. But, anyways!

This is Persian Orange Cake with Vanilla ice-cream from a cafe in Marrickville called Double Roasters. This is a surely must try for everyone in Sydney. If you have tasted something better, leave a comment in the box below and tell me – I would love to go and try {I am all for good food! And desserts, ahem} And for the rest of you, when you get to travel to Sydney, make sure you try it and tell them ‘The Awesome Sisters’ sent you. I spotted this lovely cafe by chance while driving randomly through Marrickville and and fell in love with it. They have a lot of other items on the menu which are fabulous as well!

Well, nothing beats a good Masala Dosa! Especially if it big {like this one}, flavorsome {like this one} and not bland {like this one}. With a generous amount of sambhar. I would have preferred it to be a bit more hot {spicy}, but so far this goes in my favourite list till some other dosa de-thrones it or these dosa makers lose their mojo! For all you Indians in India, this isn’t a big deal but for me living in this firangi land, it sure is! We, in Sydney have a lot of Indian Restaurants and a lot of them do serve a variety of Dosas. Me being a big critic of Indian Food and a desi in videsi land, I know the difference between good Indian Food, the not-so-good and the bad! Know a good dosa place where the masala flavors explode in your mouth in a good way, tell me and I am game to try, as always!

Some Indian Street Food style Onion Bhajiya {fritters} I made at home. Mumbai street food style, to be precise. Some deep-fried yummy goodness, I tell you!

Can’t beat a good old pizza from ‘Crust Pizza’. I am a big fan of their vegetarian pizza with pesto. I even dream about it, at times. Tried their prawn pizza this time. The Singapore Crab pizza is next on the list. Will let you guys know how it was.

You know what’s soothing on a cold autumn night. Some hot Malaysian Teh Tarik {it’s a tea, not coffee} with a melt in your mouth buttery bun. Heaven! This one is from Pappa Roti in Strathfield, Sydney. I love it so much that I even dream of it at times. Well, that’s how you know, I absolutely love it.

Photo credits: PA {The Awesome Sisters} | Camera: iPhone 5S Gold


 Leave a comment and tell me your favourite dessert {and where do you get it- in Australia or elsewhere around a world – I need cafe/ restaurant names, okay! } and I will put it in my to-do list called ‘Desserts to try before you die’ 😛

Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant – Parramatta {Sydney}

Sun Ming BBQ Restaurant is my go-to place when I am really hungry and don’t want to ponder on wheres and whats. I have been here a zillion times and have loved it every single time.

What I ate at Sun Ming BBQ on my recent visit


Roast Duck – so so good. I call it my comfort food.


Endless jasmine tea


Ceylon milk tea with pearls – Hong Kong style. I got the cold one since Sydney is hot hot hot.


Scallops with snow peas

My all time favourite at Sun Ming BBQ – Roast Duck

Guest Post: 3 things you need to see (eat) and do in Melbourne

This guest post is by a wonderful girl, Emilia Rossi. Here she gives you personal tips on things to see, do + eat in Melbourne. Enjoy!

Besides being fashion and beauty obsessed, I am a food lover, and living in the heart of Melbourne CBD I am fortunate enough to be walking distance from so many places that are either visually divine, serve incredible food or provide unforgettable experiences (sometimes all three at once). I make the effort to try and see new things each week and from my personal experiences you will find below my list of the top 3 things to see, eat and do in Melbourne. Trust me when I say it was extremely hard to only list the top 3.

1. Dumplings

Prior to living in Melbourne I had no idea how a real dumpling should taste. I hate to admit it but my first dumpling experience was from a frozen pack I steamed myself at home. Horrible I know.

If you’re on a budget then head over to Shanghai, this is the best place for dumplings if you are not fussed about a fancy restaurant experience and only care about the quality of the dumplings.  Shanghai is located at 342 Little Bourke Street in Melbourne CBD. This place is always busy and you cannot book a table. Avoid the popular times such as Friday and Saturday nights as you will run into a long line of people with a wait time of up to 30 minutes. Trust me when I say; if you are craving dumplings a 30 minute wait time is too long to get into some soft, hot, handmade dumplings.


Personal tip: Expect long lines on Friday and Saturday night, take cash as they do not accept card. Try the fried pork dumplings as they are perfectly fried at the base ensuring a very crispy dumpling. Don’t forget to eat your dumplings with vinegar instead of soy sauce.

If you’re not on a budget and would like a more stylish place to enjoy your dumplings experience then Hutong is the dumpling place for you. I always recommend making a booking as 4 out of the 5 times I have eaten there is was fully booked.


Personal tip: Their Pork Shao Long Bao (steamed dumplings with a tasty juice) is one of the softest I have had, I still have not found another dumpling place that make Pork Shao Long Bao as soft as these guys.

Dumpling Fried Pork

Fried Pork Dumpling


Dumpling Chilli and Pork

Chilli and Pork Dumpling

2. Breakfast along south bank overlooking

In Melbourne ’people watching’ is a must (not as creepy as it sounds) and one of the perfect locations to do this is in the city of South Bank. So why not people watch with the gorgeous skyline of Melbourne city as your back drop while you enjoy eating a pleasantly cooked breakfast at one of the many restaurants along South Bank. My personal favourite is Ludlowbar At this place I can easily sit facing the walk path and eat behind the glass. I discovered many of the places at South Bank do not offer all day brunches so make sure to have your breakfast before 11am. But this place serves breakfast until 2pm.


Tip: Make sure to grab a sit facing the walkway, best view to sit at and enjoy your breakfast while you people watch. They have very tasty coffee and I had the Braised Beans for $18, tasty homemade baked beans with a tangy mild salsa, topped with a perfectly cooked thick slice of bacon and a large poached eggs.

 ludlow terraceludlow-terraceLudlow Caffiene fiend

3. Melbourne Ghost tour

There are so many old historic building, fixtures, light posts and decorative things in the city. I quickly discovered that a lot of the local people actually did not know about the heritage or history of some of the oldest buildings in the city. What better way to discover the history of Melbourne City then by going on a ghost tour.

The tour I went on was called The Old Melbourne Ghost Tour and was organized by Lantern Ghost Tours. The tour guide was brilliant and he really brought passion and life to the various stories of old Melbourne and its ghosts.


Personal tip: Wear comfortable shoes, as you will be walking a lot around the city area. Don’t forget to take a camera; you never know what you can catch on film or video J

Ghost Tour Hosier Lane

Ghost Tour Hosier Lane

Ghost Tour Jeremy Kewley on Tour guiding

Ghost Tour Jeremy Kewley on Tour guiding

Ghot Tour Parliament House

Ghot Tour Parliament House

Emilia Rossi is a Brazilian born creative and charismatic person and founder of Emilia Rossi. She says : I am never short of something to say and am passionate about art, fashion, jewellery, online marketing and blogging. Being a die-hard perfectionist I do believe it is in the detail that counts. Don’t be shy to follow me on Google+.