Sydney Places to Eat: Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen Review

A sunny winter morning brings me to Alexandria to this cosy warehouse that houses Bread & Circus amongst others. I checked their menu online before reaching there just to have an idea of what was on offer. Apparently they have a daily menu that is uploaded on their website. I spotted a generous amount of organic and biodynamic in it.

On reaching I was a bit stunned with the charming vibe of this place. Cosy. Airy. Sunny. Vibrant. I could stay here all day, my heart said. My mind agreed.

bread and circus alexandria sydney review sydney places to eat

What we ate + What we drank

bread and circus sydney restaurant cafe food review blog

Latte. Nice. Love the pink crockery.

bread and circus review sydney food blog

Sandwich box – Poached organic Inglewood chicken w/Dijon-chive biodynamic yogurt.

So good. I can certainly go back for this one.

bread and circus wholefoods canteen review sydney food blogs

We asked for the Daily Smoothie. On the day we went, they had Banana and Berries as their Smoothie of the Day. Seriously, so so good. We took a Large.

sydney food bloggers bread and circus alexandria review

Parmesan not-so-scrambled eggs. Biodynamic eggs w/bullet chili [or] real truffle oil, under shaved parmesan w/avocado, baby spinach, fresh herbs and sourdough.

We opted for the truffle oil. Lovely flavour and nicely cooked eggs.

Bread & Circus Wholefoods Canteen, Alexandria | Sydney

sydney food blogs bread and circus review

bread and circus alexandria sydney food blogs review

sydney food blogs bread and circus review

sydney food blogs bread and circus review

bread and circus sydney food blogs



sydney food blog australia bread and circus review

Friendly Service. Healthy and interesting menu constituting seasonal, organic and biodynamic items. Lots of choice.

Definitely worth revisiting.

Bread & Circus : 21 Fountain Street Alexandria | Sydney

PA xx

Wagga: What to eat, and where to eat it

Around 5 hours drive from Sydney, is a wonderful city called Wagga Wagga. My favourite place. I dream of moving there someday. It has a fantastic cafe culture, great organic produce easily available, friendly people and a positive vibe.

I have been to Wagga a couple of times and absolutely love walking around, absorbing the sights and sounds of this gorgeous place. Here are some of my favourite meals from Wagga.

Corn fritters with avocado and tomato salsa + pot of English breakfast tea @ Old Empire Tea House. One of the best corn fritters! I am on the hunt for something so good in Sydney.

Scallops in xo, sweet and sour coral trout, seafood fried rice, banana fritters with vanilla ice cream. They had choice of 3 sauces – caramel, strawberry, chocolate. I don’t know what I was thinking and ordered strawberry. Thankfully it turned out good. @Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. Such a lovely place!

Poached eggs. Basil. Sourdough bread. Perfect brekkie @ Old Empire Tea House. Had it so many times!

Yummy and super delicious Coral Trout @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Amazing Kung Pao Prawn @Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Yum Cha @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. BBQ Pork Bun, Prawns and Lotus Paste Bun.

Some amazing banana bread @ Old Empire Tea House.

Latte @ MatesGully Organic Cafe.

Chai Tea @ Old Empire Tea House to start the day.

Old Empire Tea House is such a warm and cozy place to start the day. Poached eggs on freshly baked sourdough. Love places like these that serve local organic produce.

Had a couple of meals. More than a couple of meals @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. Such a lovely place!

Can’t get enough of the Chai Tea @ Old Empire TeaHouse

Quiche Lorraine with salad @ Old Empire Tea House. So good!


A quaint little place that touches your heart. Wagga, it is.


Have you been to Wagga? Is there something I should really really try on my next trip there?




PA xx

Beauty Favourites June 2014

Hi Everyone! These are 5 of my beauty favourites that I have been loving lately.

beauty favourites june 2014

Photo Credit: PA @ | iPhone5S + Sony QX100 |


1. Benefit They’re Real Mascara: I recently started using this and beginning to love it. I got this from Sephora during my US trip. It creates this sexy dramatic look – curls, lengthens, creates volume, lifts and separates. It is jet black in colour, gives long-wearing results clump. Makes the lashes look fanned out and beautiful; giving it a false eyelash look even without wearing false lashes. Gives a good balance between length and volume.

2. Lancome Juicy Tube – 17 Fraise: Ever since I discovered Lancome Juicy Tubes a couple of years ago, I have never gone back to any other lip gloss. I love this lip gloss! It does not crazily become heavy on your lips and the staying power is amazing. It smells fruity and has a nice consistency to it. These juicy tubes are long-lasting, hydrating and certainly the best gloss around. Fraise was my first Lancome Juicy Tube and since then I have picked them up in so many colours. But this colour, undoubtedly remains my favourite. Fraise even goes well without lipstick.

3. NARS NARSissist Cheek Kit: This again, I got from Sephora on my recent trip to the US. It includes 3 cheek products – highlighter, blush and bronzer. When I went to Sephora, I was keen on only getting the Orgasm blush. But, they had run out of it. The MUA insisted that I pick this kit instead as it includes the Orgasm blush. Best suggestion ever! I love the Devotee highlighter, Orgasm blush and Laguna bronzer in it – 3 of NARS best-selling shades. And it comes with a brush, although I don’t really use it. Pretty handy kit. Good for travels.

4. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure – Shell We Dance: I have often been asked about professional nail polish shades to wear to your work place; something that is simple and sophisticated for office wear. Well, Shell We Dance is one of the best nail polishes to wear to work. 3-4 coats gives optimum results and a work-safe colour. Goes good on me without any chipping for around a week. This work/office appropriate nail paint is pale-sheer-milky-nude pink. I sometimes get away with one coat as well which gives a very natural look to the nails.

5. Lush Sikkim Girls Body Lotion: I have tried a lot of moisturisers and this is one of my favourites, especially for winters. Perfect for everyday moisturising and makes my skin feel supple and nourished. Lush says, “Jasmine flowers infused with vanilla pods and Darjeeling tea creates the soothing base. Unpreserved and beautifully rich, creamy butters and hemp oil nourish your skin while Tuberose, Jasmine and Frangipani essential oils entice others closer.  A sexy, nourishing cream that will leave you feeling seduced after the bath or shower.” Cruelty-free awesomeness in a pot, I say!

What have you been loving lately? Any of your beauty favourites that I should try?

And for everyone around who loves Sephora as much as I do, Sephora is coming to Australia. And the good thing is, as per the latest news, Sephora is going to match US makeup prices in Sydney. Let’s do a mini dance, ladies! And for the men, you don’t need to worry. You will have lots of time to hang out with the boys + watch endless amount of sports whilst we take off to Sephora.










Tasmania Travel Planning: Sailing vs. Flying

Before we embarked on our US trip, our initial plan was to just take a short holiday of around 10 days in Tasmania. We were planning to explore Tassie by road; absorbing the sights, sounds and eating local food along the way. The best way to discover Tasmania is by road.

discover australia tasmania

photo credit: Discover Australia

We have been exploring options to reach Tasmania. Should we fly or sail? The only place I have sailed to a holiday destination is when we travelled from Hong Kong to Macau. But that wasn’t a full blown ship.

In case of Tasmania, we have been planning to do a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and then go to Tassie and do a road trip there. I am so looking forward to a road trip around Tasmania.

One of thoughts which intrigued us to explore the option to sail to Tasmania instead of flying was the option to take our own car to Tasmania. It is always comfortable to do a road trip in your own car rather than hire a rental, wherever possible.

Having done earlier road trips around Australia in our own Jaguar XF, it is indeed the best car to take on a road trip. And we really want to do Tassie in our Jag.

I am contemplating getting on to the Spirit of Tasmania (have you tried them?) where you don’t have the usual luggage restriction that you face while flying. You can basically stuff as much luggage as you want as per your boot’s capacity if you are taking your car (I am, I am!). I am already having thoughts of taking most of my wardrobe. Nothing worries me more than the thought of creating minimalistic packing lists when I am flying. Shoes, bags, clothes… just stuff it all in! You can then figure out outfit combinations on the go.

On the ship to Tasmania, they seem to have entertainment facilities like cinema and games arcade and even a whole lot of stuff for kids to keep them entertained. Okay, sounds interesting to me. I don’t have to be crammed into an aeroplane seat, if I choose to sail! I can stretch my legs, walk around the ship; absorb the fresh air and the ocean views. Plus I don’t have to subject myself to airline food. I can eat fresh hot food at the cafes, restaurants and even buffets on-board the ship. So basically, have a holiday before a holiday. Sounds exciting, to me!

I am seriously thinking of sailing to Tasmania. It sounds like the best option, so far.

What do you think? Should I fly or should I sail to Tasmania? Any tips for Things to See, Do, Eat in Tasmania.

This Week in the Life of PA

Hello Awesome people! How are you? It has been a lovely week for PA. Hope you had a wonderful week too! Let’s see what happened this week in the life of PA.

Some highlights:

This is one of my favourite outfits from this week. This is actually a bright pink blazer. The accessories are from Fiji – from a handicraft store run by native Fijians.

This week I did two trips to one of my favourite Sydney restaurants – Mamak, Haymarket. It is the best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney. I tried Roti Bom for the first time ever. Can’t believe I have never tried this before. It is sooo sooo yummy. It is a must have dessert at Mamak and it comes with Vanilla ice cream.

Some other things weI had on these two trips to Mamak this week {and must try at Mamak for everyone} – Roti Canai, Lamb Curry, Fish Curry, Fried Chicken, Teh Tarik, Ginger Teh Tarik, Ice Kacang, Mee Goreng, Chicken Satay and of course, Roti Bom!

Poached Chicken Sandwich and Corn Fritters at Double Roasters, Marrickville. Their poached chicken sandwich is so amazing!

I also did a few visits to El Jannah again this week. Almost close to their closing time on all occasions. We usually get their Charcoal Chicken but this time decided to try their EJ Platter. We opted for Chicken, Lamb and Spicy Lamb. It was good!

I keep trying Pani Puri at various Indian eateries across Sydney, in search of the perfect one. I guess I am too hard to please, when it comes to food. Some day when I find the perfect or close to perfect one, I will let you know. This time I tried Pani Puri at a new place in Harris Park. Nothing to write home about.

I also had Yummy Pav Bhaji {Indian street food delicacy}. This was at one of my regular go to places for Pani Puri in Harris Park.

I am so grateful to have this lovely park just across the road from where I live. Nothing calms me more than a stroll in nature. It clears my head and soothes my soul. Much needed serenity!

So soothing and relaxing, isn’t it!

Have a lovely week ahead, awesome people! xx

Sony QX Review

Recently I was presented with the Sony QX at a lovely intimate dinner organised by Sony Australia for some of the best Sydney lifestyle and food bloggers at So Cal, Neutral Bay. We indulged in some good food, wine and tech talk; whilst playing with our very own Sony QX100.

Being a gadget girl, I love evolving technologies. I love my girly stuff; and I love my gadgets; I love them right and I love them light! Being someone who travels a lot nationally and internationally and loves to capture moments of cultures and cuisines, I often find myself carrying my Nikon in addition to my iPhone.


So Cal turned out to be the perfect place to play with our Sony QX. We had a delicious South California inspired dinner in the cosy courtyard which had a vibrant and lovely décor. There was even a live demonstration by one of their chefs.



Sony QX looks like a lens that you would attach to your camera, but it is in fact a camera on its own. From the moment I un-boxed my very own Sony QX, I was intrigued by the things this small little thing could do. I was amazed by the fact that it could be operated through my smartphone and it captures really gorgeous high quality images.

To get it going, you need to download the free PlayMemories app on your smartphone to use it. Turn on the lens of your Sony QX100, open the app on your smartphone which will connect the lens via WiFi. My iPhone turned into a 20 megapixel camera with a 10x physical zoom, wow! It has a higher quality than most compact cameras and does a great job in low light along with image stabilization function. Photos get saved on the phone in a smaller file size. Being an avid instagrammer, I can’t resist the urge to post photos on the go. And it is all the more amazing, if it has such fantastic image quality such as the Sony QX100!

You can either clip it to your phone or hold the lens in your hand or even attach the lens to a tripod. The connectivity range between the phone and the lens is 10 metres. It is great for shooting selfies, group photos or concerts. Mount it on a tripod and use the phone as a remote. You can capture scenes from varying angles whilst using your phone as a viewfinder. The results are vibrant and sharp photos even with fully zoomed shots.

Right now, I am having fun shooting videos with it. I can place it remotely and take videos. Fun stuff!

I love a gadget – especially when it is compact and does an awesome job.

It is a great tool for the photography or gadget obsessed. If you love gadgets like me, this a fantastic new toy to play with and have fun.

Which is your favourite gadget?