How to get silky straight hair in a jiffy {at home}

You know the kind of hair you are envious about. The kinds that make you wonder, why not me! I have always had hair envy. I fall into the category of thick + frizzy + voluminous + wavy + limp hair. Every time I dry my hair after a wash, the sheer volume drowns me. I look like the devil’s wife. No, seriously. And I look at all the women with beautiful hair. Sigh! God’s gift indeed. Until someone on my Instagram list with the most beautiful hair, uttered the word ‘ghd’. She went on to tell the story of her hair; her description comprised the kind of ‘kind’ words I use for my hair. ‘I can’t imagine myself without my ghd’, she said.

That’s it. ghd it is. I searched (googled, i mean) and found that ghd is synonymous with great hair. Apparently, these are the most desired straighteners by women, and even men.

But I am not the kinds who would believe things just like that. For me, the proof is in the pudding. In this case, my hair. Can this ghd actually make me feel nice about my tresses. I am no Rapunzel, you know.

ghd has a whole lot of stylers and straighteners. We teamed up with the cool folks at ghd to check out the Jewel Styler from their limited edition collection. They have two colours in this range – Sapphire and Amethyst. After much confusion and discussion with BA, we did not arrive at a decision as to which one should be my colour. Yes, I know; first world problems. Mother Awesome was therefore summoned to intervene. Amethyst, she said. Word.

Here is a bit of information direct from their website about the ghd Jewel Styler.

  • Advanced ceramic heater technology for smoother, shinier results
  • Universal voltage for consistent performance when travelling
  • Smooth black plates with a hint of sparkle for snag-free styling
  • Contoured plates for easier curls and waves
  • Extra long 2.7m swivel cord for freedom during styling

ghd jewel

The ultra gorgeous ghd Jewel Styler. ghd V amethyst professional styler.

Comes with a paddle brush and a keepsake box.

ghd jewel

Working the magic of ghd Jewel Styler on my hair.

ghd jewel

BEFORE & AFTER ghd Jewel Styler

Testing the magic of ghd. Here I am with my just washed hair – dried hair which makes me look like a witch ready to march on a broom – and then my silky soft straight and tamed ghd hair.

{I usually do my hair before my makeup. Hence I am not wearing makeup in these photos.}

Things I like about the ghd Jewel Styler

{ghd V amethyst / sapphire professional styler}

  • Extra long cord {I certainly don’t want to be tied in a corner doing my hair}
  • Automatic sleep mode after 30 minutes without use. {What if you get a phone call in the middle of your styling session and you are busy gossiping with your girlfriends}
  • Universal voltage {A great plus for those, including me who love to travel}
  • It glides through the hair and makes the straightening task quick and easy.
  • It can create waves and curls as well. So I don’t have to use another hair styler for creating curls.

My verdict:

Either you are born with great hair, or you have ghd.

As they say, there is nothing more precious than a good hair day. Hop over to the ghd website to check out some fabulous ghd stylers and some great hair tutorials.

Note: I was provided the products for review purposes. This has not influenced my opinion.