Review: The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon Bath Salt, Vanilla Candle, Cinnamon-Black Pepper Essential Oil

Few days back I visited The Nature’s Co. store at Palladium to attend their Spice Carnival. It is a very aromatic and fresh place. Natasha Shah, Founder The Nature’s Co., introduced me to the wide-variety of their high end, luxurious and premium range of Natural bath and body creations. All their products are made of natural + vegan, yes they don’t use dairy products and are PETA certified, against animal testing.

The exotic range is a combination of body lotions, body butters, shampoos and creams, lip balms, bath salts, moisturizers, face wash, wellness products and are inspired by the five purest forms of nature – air, sun, forest, earth and water. These forms have inspired five distinct ranges of body and bath products: Atmospure, Starrize, Foressence, Earthborne and Aquaspark designed to soothe your mind, body and soul.

  • Aquaspark: Inspired from the water, the name brings together the rich aquatic ingredients that hydrate and replenish.
  • Atmospure: Inspired from the atmosphere, the oxygenating process of the products in this range feel like a breath of fresh air.
  • Earthborne: Minerals and mud carry nurturing qualities of the soil. Enriching and reviving, the products of this range are truly born from the earth itself.
  • Starrize: Inspired from the sun, these products provide nourishment much like the sun. But at the same time, they protect, especially against harmful radiation and its effects. Relaxes your body and re-establishes inner balance at stressful times leaving your body with a beautiful golden glow.
  • Foressence: captures the very essence of the forest produce, the products carry strong and captivating fragrances and nourishment to replenish the body.

At the Spice Carnival, along with some nibbles by The Sleight of Hand and spice flavoured tea by Tea Trunk, I learned that spice not only enhances the taste of food and peps the savory glands but has a great role in setting the right mood for indulgence. Spices also contain amazing benefits for your looks. Did you know – Garlic helps clear off acne, peppers fight wrinkles, and green tea saves you from sun damage.

Now, its time for a quick review of some of their products:

The Nature’s Co. Cinnamon Bath Salt, Vanilla Candle, Cinnamon-Black Pepper Essential Oil Review Spice Carnival Beauty Blogger Vlogger YouTuber Mumbai IndiaCinnamon Bath Salt – Price – Rs. 175 for 75 Gms (264 Oz) | Ingredients: Cinnamon extract, Cinnamon powder, Himalayan pink salt, Rock salt. | It comes in a test-tube shaped tube. The salt contains tiny granules of cinnamon which has antibacterial properties relieves pain, stiffness of muscles and joints and stimulates circulation. Feel the stress melt away – sprinkle a generous amount into running bath water or an indulgent soak. The only downside of this product is that the cinnamon granulas doesn’t not dissolve and stick on the body. So the next time I dissolved the salt in a container, poured it into a strainer and then added it to my bath tub – Phewww. Besides this its divine!

Vanilla Candle | Price – Rs. 315 | I love scented candles!!! This products comes in squre form and has a sweet Vanilla fragrance which is super relaxing. I’m planning to get some more :) Which is your favorite fragrance?

Cinnamon-Black Pepper Essential Oil | Price – Rs. 425 for 10 ml |It comes in a tiny glass bottle.
These warm oils have great value in aroma therapy. It has powerful antiviral and antibacterial properties. Black pepper oil helps to add warmth to chills and colds. Add 5 drops of oil with 2 teaspoons of water to the oil burner. It is very very soothing and will be my companion this winter. :)

Disclaimer: I received these products in a goodie bag. The review/opinion is honest and based on my personal experience.

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