shoe baby shoe



I have close to a dozen pair of shoes. Maybe more. Some, which I don’t know exist in my wardrobe. A handful of people around me have more than 100. Phew!

Still, I reach out for that particular one every single day that makes me feel as if I am wearing nothing on my feet. But the women in me can’t stop going crazy over shoes. The more, the merrier.

We have all been through these shoe phases. High heel phases. Any heel phases.

Shoe envy.

That pair of high heels. Oh look, how cute they are! And how incredibly sexy I would look wearing them.


That awesome moment when you get to know that particular sexy pair of high heels is available in your size. Shoe match made in heaven.


Oh no, that shoe match made in heaven hurts.


No, it doesn’t really hurt. My feet are just undergoing a learning curve. They will learn. It is the sexiest pair of heels ever, you know.


Yeah, I know it’s been a week. My feet are sore. I can barely walk. But at least they are so cute. Those heels. And look, how sexy they look. And how sexy my legs look when I am wearing them.

Walk the rock.

Really? Am I walking in a funny way? I am ok. I am ok.

Let’s just sit.

You and I, forever friends. My sexy pair of heels. I don’t really have to walk in them, isn’t it! I can always slip them on when I am sitting. Ahh, they are so cute! See, they don’t hurt now.


Oh, I just slipped off my shoes when I am sitting at my desk. Just giving my feet breathing space, you see.

Party time.

I think this pair would look really great with that awesome dress. They would in fact look killer at the club. I think I can suffer just that little bit of pain while dancing. It is just the weekend, you see.

Cry baby.

No. No. No. Why me? These feel like dancing on rocks. I can’t dance. My feet hurt.


Those awesome heels? Yeah, I have them. It’s in my shoe collection.


As I grow older, I have realised that I am reaching out more for comfort than looks. I guess, the 30s are doing that to me.



How many pairs of shoes do you have?


PS: The one in the photo is my current favourite pair. No high heels. See, it is the 30s. I told you 😛



PA x