Sony QX Review

Recently I was presented with the Sony QX at a lovely intimate dinner organised by Sony Australia for some of the best Sydney lifestyle and food bloggers at So Cal, Neutral Bay. We indulged in some good food, wine and tech talk; whilst playing with our very own Sony QX100.

Being a gadget girl, I love evolving technologies. I love my girly stuff; and I love my gadgets; I love them right and I love them light! Being someone who travels a lot nationally and internationally and loves to capture moments of cultures and cuisines, I often find myself carrying my Nikon in addition to my iPhone.


So Cal turned out to be the perfect place to play with our Sony QX. We had a delicious South California inspired dinner in the cosy courtyard which had a vibrant and lovely décor. There was even a live demonstration by one of their chefs.



Sony QX looks like a lens that you would attach to your camera, but it is in fact a camera on its own. From the moment I un-boxed my very own Sony QX, I was intrigued by the things this small little thing could do. I was amazed by the fact that it could be operated through my smartphone and it captures really gorgeous high quality images.

To get it going, you need to download the free PlayMemories app on your smartphone to use it. Turn on the lens of your Sony QX100, open the app on your smartphone which will connect the lens via WiFi. My iPhone turned into a 20 megapixel camera with a 10x physical zoom, wow! It has a higher quality than most compact cameras and does a great job in low light along with image stabilization function. Photos get saved on the phone in a smaller file size. Being an avid instagrammer, I can’t resist the urge to post photos on the go. And it is all the more amazing, if it has such fantastic image quality such as the Sony QX100!

You can either clip it to your phone or hold the lens in your hand or even attach the lens to a tripod. The connectivity range between the phone and the lens is 10 metres. It is great for shooting selfies, group photos or concerts. Mount it on a tripod and use the phone as a remote. You can capture scenes from varying angles whilst using your phone as a viewfinder. The results are vibrant and sharp photos even with fully zoomed shots.

Right now, I am having fun shooting videos with it. I can place it remotely and take videos. Fun stuff!

I love a gadget – especially when it is compact and does an awesome job.

It is a great tool for the photography or gadget obsessed. If you love gadgets like me, this a fantastic new toy to play with and have fun.

Which is your favourite gadget?