Tasmania Travel Planning: Sailing vs. Flying

Before we embarked on our US trip, our initial plan was to just take a short holiday of around 10 days in Tasmania. We were planning to explore Tassie by road; absorbing the sights, sounds and eating local food along the way. The best way to discover Tasmania is by road.

discover australia tasmania

photo credit: Discover Australia

We have been exploring options to reach Tasmania. Should we fly or sail? The only place I have sailed to a holiday destination is when we travelled from Hong Kong to Macau. But that wasn’t a full blown ship.

In case of Tasmania, we have been planning to do a road trip from Sydney to Melbourne and then go to Tassie and do a road trip there. I am so looking forward to a road trip around Tasmania.

One of thoughts which intrigued us to explore the option to sail to Tasmania instead of flying was the option to take our own car to Tasmania. It is always comfortable to do a road trip in your own car rather than hire a rental, wherever possible.

Having done earlier road trips around Australia in our own Jaguar XF, it is indeed the best car to take on a road trip. And we really want to do Tassie in our Jag.

I am contemplating getting on to the Spirit of Tasmania (have you tried them?) where you don’t have the usual luggage restriction that you face while flying. You can basically stuff as much luggage as you want as per your boot’s capacity if you are taking your car (I am, I am!). I am already having thoughts of taking most of my wardrobe. Nothing worries me more than the thought of creating minimalistic packing lists when I am flying. Shoes, bags, clothes… just stuff it all in! You can then figure out outfit combinations on the go.

On the ship to Tasmania, they seem to have entertainment facilities like cinema and games arcade and even a whole lot of stuff for kids to keep them entertained. Okay, sounds interesting to me. I don’t have to be crammed into an aeroplane seat, if I choose to sail! I can stretch my legs, walk around the ship; absorb the fresh air and the ocean views. Plus I don’t have to subject myself to airline food. I can eat fresh hot food at the cafes, restaurants and even buffets on-board the ship. So basically, have a holiday before a holiday. Sounds exciting, to me!

I am seriously thinking of sailing to Tasmania. It sounds like the best option, so far.

What do you think? Should I fly or should I sail to Tasmania? Any tips for Things to See, Do, Eat in Tasmania.