This Week in the Life of PA

Hello Awesome people! How are you? It has been a lovely week for PA. Hope you had a wonderful week too! Let’s see what happened this week in the life of PA.

Some highlights:

This is one of my favourite outfits from this week. This is actually a bright pink blazer. The accessories are from Fiji – from a handicraft store run by native Fijians.

This week I did two trips to one of my favourite Sydney restaurants – Mamak, Haymarket. It is the best Malaysian restaurant in Sydney. I tried Roti Bom for the first time ever. Can’t believe I have never tried this before. It is sooo sooo yummy. It is a must have dessert at Mamak and it comes with Vanilla ice cream.

Some other things weI had on these two trips to Mamak this week {and must try at Mamak for everyone} – Roti Canai, Lamb Curry, Fish Curry, Fried Chicken, Teh Tarik, Ginger Teh Tarik, Ice Kacang, Mee Goreng, Chicken Satay and of course, Roti Bom!

Poached Chicken Sandwich and Corn Fritters at Double Roasters, Marrickville. Their poached chicken sandwich is so amazing!

I also did a few visits to El Jannah again this week. Almost close to their closing time on all occasions. We usually get their Charcoal Chicken but this time decided to try their EJ Platter. We opted for Chicken, Lamb and Spicy Lamb. It was good!

I keep trying Pani Puri at various Indian eateries across Sydney, in search of the perfect one. I guess I am too hard to please, when it comes to food. Some day when I find the perfect or close to perfect one, I will let you know. This time I tried Pani Puri at a new place in Harris Park. Nothing to write home about.

I also had Yummy Pav Bhaji {Indian street food delicacy}. This was at one of my regular go to places for Pani Puri in Harris Park.

I am so grateful to have this lovely park just across the road from where I live. Nothing calms me more than a stroll in nature. It clears my head and soothes my soul. Much needed serenity!

So soothing and relaxing, isn’t it!

Have a lovely week ahead, awesome people! xx