Wagga: What to eat, and where to eat it

Around 5 hours drive from Sydney, is a wonderful city called Wagga Wagga. My favourite place. I dream of moving there someday. It has a fantastic cafe culture, great organic produce easily available, friendly people and a positive vibe.

I have been to Wagga a couple of times and absolutely love walking around, absorbing the sights and sounds of this gorgeous place. Here are some of my favourite meals from Wagga.

Corn fritters with avocado and tomato salsa + pot of English breakfast tea @ Old Empire Tea House. One of the best corn fritters! I am on the hunt for something so good in Sydney.

Scallops in xo, sweet and sour coral trout, seafood fried rice, banana fritters with vanilla ice cream. They had choice of 3 sauces – caramel, strawberry, chocolate. I don’t know what I was thinking and ordered strawberry. Thankfully it turned out good. @Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. Such a lovely place!

Poached eggs. Basil. Sourdough bread. Perfect brekkie @ Old Empire Tea House. Had it so many times!

Yummy and super delicious Coral Trout @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Amazing Kung Pao Prawn @Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant.

Yum Cha @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. BBQ Pork Bun, Prawns and Lotus Paste Bun.

Some amazing banana bread @ Old Empire Tea House.

Latte @ MatesGully Organic Cafe.

Chai Tea @ Old Empire Tea House to start the day.

Old Empire Tea House is such a warm and cozy place to start the day. Poached eggs on freshly baked sourdough. Love places like these that serve local organic produce.

Had a couple of meals. More than a couple of meals @ Royal Garden Chinese Restaurant. Such a lovely place!

Can’t get enough of the Chai Tea @ Old Empire TeaHouse

Quiche Lorraine with salad @ Old Empire Tea House. So good!


A quaint little place that touches your heart. Wagga, it is.


Have you been to Wagga? Is there something I should really really try on my next trip there?




PA xx